Technical Products: color, permanent and bleaching


Curled? Straight? Natural perms, soft hair straightening, color baths, highlights in your hair... You decide, how you want your hair.


By Waland Italy


Double You Compact Blu - For medium to strong bleaching for highlights, for contrasting light and dark effects. Double Compact Blue, non-volatile bleaching powder, specifically formulated for all professional techniques of bleaching, frosting and highlights. Size 900 gr

Conditioning Lightening Oil

Freedom White Light - A very versatile product for hairdresser.
USED ALONE: it can be used as a bleaching oil for light hair bleaching and natural golden tints. Perfect to create transparencies effect or highlights. Allows lighter shades up to 4 shades on natural hair.
USED WITH COLOR: donates brighter results and vivid tints.

Bleaching ammonia-free

Sweet Deco - Perfumed compact bleach. Ammonia Free. Sweetdeco, is formulated with high quality components, result- ing in hair coloring that respect the natural hair structure.Argan and Jojoba oil that enrich the formula, protect hair structure while enhancing brightness and softness. Sweetdeco mixed with the creamy oxidizer 20/30/40 volumes, makes a soft emulsion that guarantee a better adherence to the hair. It doesn’t drip or dry.

Tone on Tone

Double You Tone on Tone - Pigment activator Double You. Is a highly technical product that mixed with Double You color gives as a result the tone on tone highlight. It confers brilliance and intensity, disguises the first white hair until 60%-70%. On natural hair degrades till discovering after 6-7 washings. Size 1000 ml.


Double Wave Permanent - Permanents for Natural hair - Treated hair. Advanced formulation liquid which allows to operate with extreme security and to obtain technically perfect results even in the most difficult cases. Its use does not alter the color of treated hair. Even if it has a good waving efficacy it does not attack the hair which does not become curly. After the treatment the hair is shiny, vital and soft. Size 250 ml.

Perm Neutralizer

Double Wave Neutralizer - It's the fixer that completes the waving treatment, suitable for all capillary structure. Its formulation, enriched with very high quality raw materials, assures exceptional results, leaving the hair soft and bright. Size 1000 ml.

Acidifying Treatment

Double you Acidifying Treatment - Restructuring treatment for color treated hair.This is a particularly innovative product, which has been created for use each time the hair receives a technical treatment, such as: COLORING, HIGHLIGHTING, PERMING OR STRAIGHTENING. Its special formula is enriched with OATS, EQUISETO and WHEAT PROTEINS to ensure that physiological pH is restored by smoothing the cuticles on the hair, it makes the colour lasting and leaves the hair soft and shiny. Size 1000 ml.

Color Activator

Freedom Color Activator - High quality Stabilised Cream peroxide, expecially studied for Freedom Color.


Double You Developer - Stabilised Cream peroxide. Available in 10,20,30,40 vol. Its high quality formula gives a compact mixture, very easy to apply. Size 1000 ml.