Hair Treatment: Reconstruction, Hydratation, Elasticity


Frequent technical treatments, excessive heat from hairdryers and straightners, use of brushes, smog, smoke and exposition to UV rays, may damage hair structure, acceleratin hair aging and making it dull, difficult to comb and breaking it on ends and lengths
RE-Lieve repairs damages on hair, from cuticle to cortex. Gives vigor and elasticity to hair. Restores moisturisation level, and improves cuticle giving shine and uniformity.
Tamanu oil: helps to prevent water loss, leaves skin and hair moisturised, soft, shiny and elastic.
Trace Elements: Made of minerals (zinc, silicon, iron, copper, magnesium...). Basic nutrients for the physical wellbeing oh hair they give the right level of moisturizing and make the hair shiny and full-bodied.
Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): it improves damaged, permed and tinted hair, after aggressive treatments. Vitamin E It's an excellent antioxidant. Anti-Age, it helps the immune system of hair (free radicals) stressed by extenal factors such as pollution, sun and wind.


By Waland Italy

Mosturizer Shampoo

Re-lieve Capillary Bath Formula Moisturizer - Enriched with the precious oil of TAMANU, is a specific detergent to use on dry, opaque hair or hair that has been demaged by harsh treatments. removes impurities, residues and prepares hair to receive the reconstructing treatment. Size 250 ml.

Mosturizer Mask

Re-lieve Maschera - Acid ph mask, closes the cuticle scales, restores normal hair, moistens, gives body and manageability. Protects the hair fiber from dehydration and the deleterious effects of free radicals. Leave-in. Size 150 ml.

Damaged Hair Lotion

Re-lieve Restructuring - When not derived from any disease, the sebaceous hypersecretion is due, in most cases, to an excessive use of too aggressive capillary cleansing products that, removing entirely the hydrolipidic skin, cause the sebaceous glands to produce it faster and in increased quantities. capillary sebum balancing bath is formulated to perform on the scalp a triple action: 1. gentle cleansing action 2. softening action 3. normalizing action. formula is enriched with biological argan oil, with nourishing and polishing action, and chamomile with a calming effect. formulated without PARABENS. pack of 250 ml. professional use.