Hair and Scalp Treatment: Loss prevention, Dandruff and Sebum Control


Waland with the Bio Lymphe treatments line is the response to the need of specific cosmetic products for all the non-pathological origin problems of skin and hair. Used alone or in synergy with each other, more than 12 Bio Lymphe products constitute a valuable ally in the cosmetic treatment of hair loss, dandruff, sebum, dry, etc. Bio Lymphe line is prepared with raw materials of the highest quality and is enriched by the presence of vegetable ingredients of BIOLOGICAL ORIGIN such as ARGAN Oil, Sunflower Oil, Mallow, Olive Leaf, Orange, Clementine, Lemon, Chamomile, Rosemary, Passion Fruit. As for the lotion, we used THERMAL WATER to extract citrus and olive leaves. All products are formulated without parabens and are lanolin free. Non-ionic Hygiene Treatment is formulated with non-ionic surfactants and doesn’t contain Sles and silicones.


By Waland Italy

Dandruff Control Hair bath

Capillary Bath Dandruff Control - It's a special cleanser for hair with dandruff, not of pathological origin. It contributes most effectively to combat this annoying imperfection, keeping the scalp in the best conditions of hygiene, but without attacking it. the effectiveness is due to its unique composition, whereby all its major raw materials, work in synergy, enabling low-dose and then very soft action. the use of biological argan oil and lemon extract in thermal water, combined with wheat protein and a dimethicone provides even greater value and balance to the product. Formulated without PARABENS. pack of 250 ml. Professional use.

Sebum Balancing Hair Bath

Capillary Bath Sebum Balancing - When not derived from any disease, the sebaceous hypersecretion is due, in most cases, to an excessive use of too aggressive capillary cleansing products that, removing entirely the hydrolipidic skin, cause the sebaceous glands to produce it faster and in increased quantities. capillary sebum balancing bath is formulated to perform on the scalp a triple action: 1. gentle cleansing action 2. softening action 3. normalizing action. formula is enriched with biological argan oil, with nourishing and polishing action, and chamomile with a calming effect. Formulated without PARABENS. Pack of 250 ml. Professional use.

Hair Loss Prevention Hair Bath

Capillary Bath Hair Loss Prevention - It is a very high quality detergent specifically designed to cosmetically counteract or prevent the external causes that can lead to excessive hair loss. The new formulation is enriched with trace elements, very useful to return to the weaken and fragile hair elements such as zinc, valuable antioxidant and copper, which favors the process of keratinization of the hair, strengthen it. It keeps in the best hygienic conditions the scalp and giving body tone to the hair shaft. A willow derivative is used as a uv filter. formulated without PARABENS. Pack of 250 ml. Professional use.

Frequent Use Hair Bath

Capillary Bath Frequent Use - It is particularly suitable for those who want to wash the hair several times during the week. Its special formula, enriched with biological emollient and shine argan oil, contains extremely valuable raw materials such as cocoamphoacetates, sarcosinates, glucose derivatives and lactates and allows a perfect cleaning of the hair and scalp, in full compliance with their natural physiology. the extracts of leaves of biological mallow and millet seeds help highlighting more the functionality of the product. Pack of 250 ml. professional use.

Non-Ionic Treatment

Capillary Bath Non-Ionic Treatment - It's a sles/sls/silicone-free, suitable for all hair types. It's particularly delicate on the skin; enriched with wheat protein and biological rosemary extract with a restructuring and tonic action. Especially suitable where there is an excessive sweating of the scalp. formulated without parabens. This product contains no sls/sles and silicon. Pack of 250 ml. Professional use.

Detangling Conditioner

Performance Balm - It is the ideal product for use on dry, dull or depleted hair by aggressive treatments. Its formula with biological argan oil and passion fruit oil with a high detangling power leaves hair soft, shiny and well groomed, without weighing it down over time. Enriched with precious plant extracts of biological origin such as mallow, chestnut and yarrow, which, together with a non-extreme ph, increase its sensitivity when it comes in contact with the skin. Does not contain lanoline or its derivates. Formulated without parabens. Pack of 250 ml. Professional use.

Scalp Hydrating Cream

Procutan - It's a cream particularly advisable for non-pathological problems of dry, desquamated, reddened or with dandruff skin. Its special formula based on biological sunflower oil, which is one of the most appreciated oils, because rich in vitamins e and f, has nourishing, softening and lubricating properties. It also contains a biological extract of olive leaves in thermal water, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids with an antioxidant and protective action. Procutan does not contain lanoline and its derivatives. formulated without PARABENS. Pack: tube of 100 ml. Professional use.

Hair Hydrating Cream

Maskera Plus - Its particularly innovative formula, based on biological argan oil and passion fruit oil, gives the hair an exceptional gloss, smoothness, body and comb without weighing it down, keeping the right amount of moisture. The presence of vegetable extracts of olive tree, biological mallow and ivy and asiatic pennyworth, together with a balanced and not too acid ph, contributes to increase the eudermic property of the product, if it comes into contact with the scalp. Maskera plus does not contain lanoline and its derivatives. formulated without PARABENS. Pack: tube of 150 ml. Professional use.

Reactive Lotion

Reactive Lotion is advised as a basic cosmetic treatment helping the external causes prevention that can lead to hair loss. reactive lotion thanks to a revolutionary formulation which uses a particular vegetable treated according to FILATOV method with biological argan oil with nutritional and brightening function, permits after only few applications to obtain a clear improvement: the hair treated with reactive lotion are much more vital, soft and shiny. formulated without PARABENS. pack: contains 12 single-dose vials of 10 ml. professional use.

Cosmetic Purifying

Depurex - It's a cosmetic lotion exerting a protective action on the scalp, which tends to prevent and limit the side effects that may arise from external factors and very aggressive treatments. It helps to remove those deposits of sebum and dandruff, which may impede the normal hair growth. Formulated without PARABENS. Pack of 100 ml. Professional use.

Dandruff-Sebum Control

Biorellana - It's a preparation based on a synergy of bixa orellana and extract of organic lemon in thermal water with a purifying action, designed to counter, unless they are attributed to diseases, two of the major flaws of the scalp: excessive sebum and dandruff. Formulated without parabens. Pack of 100 ml. Professional use.

Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

HD-Riboxide - It tones the scalp, it helps improving the tropism of the hair bulb and gives body and volume. Hd - Riboxide is a valuable cosmetic adjunct in the prevention of external causes that can lead to hair loss. The biological olive leaf extract in thermal water has valuable antioxidant properties. formulated without parabens. pack of 100 ml. Professional use.