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Professional Products For Hair

Color, Treatments, Argan oil, Keratin, Products for curly hair

Color for hair


Flaming red, sophisticated blonde, intense chocolate... Find the best colour for your hair. White hair? No problems! Our Double You and Freedom give 100% of white hair coverage.

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Technical Products


Curled? Straight? Natural perms, soft hair straightening, color baths, highlights in your hair... You decide, how you want your hair.

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Style and Finish


The latest and greatest products to give hair your personal touch. Shining products, mousses, light hairsprays, fixing gels, modelling waxes and curls enhancers

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Maintaining your hair in good health is relatively easy, if you use the most performing products. Our Bio-Lymphe range, cleanses and moisturises your hair and scalp, enriched by natural ingredients like Argan oil, Sunflower oil, orange, Lemon, passion fruits.

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Sun and Sport


No matter if you go to the mountain or to the beach! Your hair need to be protected against the sun. Our Sun & Sport line gives you the protection needed by your hair. The Protective oil will preserve your natural or colour treated hair from sun's rays and from the damaging effect of sea and swimming pool water and, of course, it's waterproof.

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Other Products


Argan oil, shampoos, lotions, shampoos for normal and for white hair, hair creams, balsams... all professional products, made in Italy,

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